EastWest Transpersonal Training School (the „School“) and a legally capable individual purchasing services for distance learning of Transpersonal Counselling and Breathwork Psychotherapy course (the „Student“) have entered into this study Agreement (the „Agreement“) as follows:

1. Acceptance of the Agreement is the payment by the Student for the Course of Transpersonal Counselling and Breathwork Psychotherapy. The Student`s acceptance of this Agreement means that he/she fully and unconditionally accepts all the provisions of this Agreement.

Agreement is considered concluded and enters into force from the moment of acceptance by the Student, remaining in effect until the Parties fulfill their obligations under it.

2. The object and content of the Agreement.

2.1. The Student enters a 13-module course. Each module about 3 months.

2.2. The course is provided by EastWest Transpersonal Training School.

2.3. The course is based on a syllabus of transpersonal counselling and psychotherapy approved by the European Transpersonal Association EUROTAS.

2.4. The course takes place in the mixed form:

online learning – one lecture (120 minutes) every week ,

offline learning – two days of intensive training (once a module) and two sessions of Breathwork (once a module).

2.5. There are 3 weeks of holidays every year in July- August and 2 weeks Christmas holidays in December-January.

2.6. The modules are given by teachers and therapists-practitioners acknowledged internationally. The language of the modules is English with translation to Russian (with a few exceptions when the modules are given by Russian-speaking teachers in which case translation to English would be provided to foreign students).

2.7. The academic hours of any open seminars will be taken into account when applying for the accreditation of the European Association of Psychotherapy (EAP).

3. Study fee

3.1. The study fee is to be paid for 13 modules of the course.

3.2. The study fee for East School is 400 euros per module and

the study fee for West School is 580 euros per module.

3.3. The study fee is required to be paid during the first week of new module directly via the EWTTS website, or in cash to the Executive Director Lidia Maidan.

4. The obligations and rights of the School

4.1. The School provides the learning services to the Student in accordance with the terms of this Agreement.

4.2. During the stydying process the School has the right to organize midterm attestation tests to determine the level of knowledges, skills and professional competance of the Student.

4.3. The School has the right to terminate the Agreement or suspend its effect in accordance with the results of attestation test or in the case of the Student`s violation of the requirements stipulated by this Agreement without refund. In this situation, the school closes the student’s access to educational materials on the school website , as well as to the student group in the messenger.

5. The obligations and rights of the Student

5.1. The Student pays the study fee according to the terms stipulated in the Agreement.

5.2. The Student provides the School with all information and data necessary to fulfill its obligations under this Agreement.

5.3. The Student undertakes to follow the lectures and intensives schedule. If a student was not present at all intensive days, he undertakes to obtain the missing hours from the teacher for additional payment.

5.4. The Student arrives in class on time to keep group integrity. The Student notifies the group leader when being absent from a lecture or when coming late.

5.5. The Student fulfills all the homework after lectures in written form and sends it to EWTTS e-mail:

5.6. Till the end of the 13th module the Student undertakes to get:

*50 sessions of personal psychotherapy (in transpersonal approach)

*40 sessions of Breathwork

*150 hours of supervision

*200 hours of Personal development

*300 hours of individual or group practice

*all necessary homework

After studying 13-module course the Student passes the final exam: Power Point presentation, Case study,

demonstration. According to its results the examination committee takes a decision whether the Student can get a Certification of the EUROTAS as a Transpersonal Psychotherapist.

5.7. The Student keeps ethical standards of behavior and communication with the Teacher, the Administration and other Students.

5. 8. The Student does not disclose confidential or personal information and other data provided by the School, the Teachers, the Administration or other Students.

5. 9. Recommended: If the Student encounters difficulties related to his personal development, then he informs the head of school (Lyudmila Skartsesku or Kati Wortelkamp) and/or a mentor(s) in order to get support.

5. 10. The Agreement shall be considered as terminated prematurely by the Student after a written notice to



We have a responsibility to ensure that our students will be safe, competent and ethical to undertake our training. This means that we need to protect not only yourself, but your fellow students and potential future clients by being as sure as possible that we only accept students on our training who are appropriate at the time of application.

If you are actively addicted to drugs or alcohol, or if you have been convicted of any offences, you should inform us.

If you have a past history of addiction to drugs or alcohol; any criminal history; have been subject to any procedures related to this field; are recently bereaved; have been diagnosed mentally ill or are receiving medication for an emotional or psychological condition; have a serious physical illness or condition, are pregnant or epileptic – we may be able to accept your application but you must tell us in the declaration on the Application Form and enclose a covering letter which fully discloses your situation. For example, pregnancy and epilepsy may be contra-indicated for Breathwork psychotherapy and so medical permission will be required; whereas certain classes of illness may have safety to practice issues which need to be assessed.

We will make your enrolment decision on a case by case basis and will fully comply with all equality, diversity and disability regulations, where necessary taking independent advice.

If during the training we are in the opinion that you should actively engage in one to one therapy we shall inform you.

The school has the right to terminate your agreement at any time we find you unsuitable for this training or we find that your presence in the course is unsafe for yourself and others.

We need this information not to exclude you from the course but to help you in the best way in your personal difficulties.

I have read this document and I declare that it is acceptable and understandable by me.