• Kati Wortelkamp
    Kati Wortelkamp
    Head West Anthropologist and Psychologist (M.A.) Germany

    Certified Holotropic Breathowrk Practitioner (Grof Transpersonal Training),
    Professional member of the European Transpersonal Association EUROTAS,
    Innovation Trainer/ Coach (motiv network, Institute of the German Economy and Federal Railroad of Switzerland),
    Didacted therapy in Transpersonal  Psychotherapy (Dr. Ingo Jahrsetz, International Institute of Consciousness Exploration and Psychotherapy),
    Energetic-Therapeutic-Shamanic school of One Light Healing Touch,
    Non-Medical Practitioner for Psychotherapy (Public Health Department Freiburg)
    Person-Centered Psychotherapy (University of Freiburg),
    Training in Transpersonal Psychotherapy (Rainer Pervoeltz, International Institute of Consciousness Exploration and Psychotherapy)
    In training for Zen-Shiatsu

    Private practice near Freiburg (Germany), offering seminars of Holotropic Breathwork since many years, 10 years at the Cancer-Hotline (University medical center Freiburg)
    Abstract of her lecture: Hero’s and heroine’s journey



Jul 27 2023


19:00 - 21:00



7 Module, Stage II – Kati Wortelkamp

Setting and Concept of Holotropic Breathwork


The event is ongoing.

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