Cristina Revenco


Working as a transpersonal psychotherapist under supervision, both self-employed and in various collaborations.

Have experience working with children and teenagers affected by developmental disorders: autistic spectrum disorders, ADHD, learning impairments and others.

Founder of the project Psycharmonia (

Organizing webinars and workshops: writing articles on the subject of psychology and psychotherapy.

Member of ETPA.


Bachelor in Psychology, Master Degree in Clinical Psychology and counselling:

Transpersonal Psychotherapy training with various international teachers, organized by the European Transpersonal Association (ETPA). Among the things that I studied are: Pneuma breathwork, Integral Psychotherapy, Psycho-neuro-immunology, Transpersonal Art-therapy, Hypnosis and Regression therapy, mindfulness and self-analysis techniques, working with stories etc.

Participated in numerous conferences, workshops on the subject of Psychology, Psychotherapy, both in the Transpersonal approach and other Humanistic approaches. My introduction to this field began when I was a teenager and since then I had the opportunity of getting to know from direct experience various methods of approaches in therapy, especially in Transpersonal Psychotherapy; various ways of healing, expansion of consciousness and self-development.

My past experiences include (among those I studied and mentioned above): Holotropic Breathwork, various forms of meditation, Process-oriented therapy, Psychodrama, Biotransenergetics, Transactional analysis and others. Some of my other interests include: History and Comparison of Religions (I’m actually considering Mircea Eliade one of my first mentors); Mythology; Philosophy; Art in various forms (Literature, Painting, Singing, Dancing); Science; Neuroscience; Education; Mysticism; Body-based therapies, Natural therapies etc.