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Transpersonal Psychology & Psychotherapy

Transpersonal Psychology is aimed at a holistic perspective for understanding ourselves, our nature, our struggle and opportunities of development.

Transpersonal Psychotherapy evolved from the humanistic work of American psychologist Abraham Maslow in the 1960s. But the missing point in Humanistic Psychology was the spiritual dimension of human being. The goal of the Transpersonal Psychotherapy is to integrate personal and transpersonal.

Important for Transpersonal Psychology is integration of all levels of the human being and the understanding of their dynamics: the “shadow” (Carl Gustav Jung) as well as the divine essence, feelins, the body, the wounded Ego and the heart.

Transpersonal Psychotherapy recognizes the expansive and intense states of awareness and uses non-ordinary states of consciousness or “holotropic states” (Stan Grof) as a tool of understanding who we are and to recognize our reservoir of potentials. Transpersonal work elicits states of consciousness beyond the Ego. 

These are introduced through:

  • Meditation
  • Holotropic Breathwork
  • Dreambody work
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Guided imagery
  • Shamanic journeys
  • Resourcing
  • Active imagination
  • Past and future exploration

What can Transpersonal Psychotherapy help with?

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Addiction
  • Phobias
  • Other mood and behavioural problems
  • To feel more connected, because separation is the deepest cause of suffering.

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Humanistic and Transpersonal Psychology

Bernadette Blin: What is really Transpersonal Psychotherapy? (Transpersonal Healing Field, 2019):

New Paradigm

Stanislav Grof: The Healing Potential of Non-Ordinary States of Consciousness (2014):

Heroes Journey

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Transpersonal Skills

Interview with Arnold and Amy Mindell (Mamaki Film, 2017):

Holotropic Breathwork

Stan Grof: Holotropic Breathwork (2006):

Bigitte Grof describes Holotropic Breathwork (Susan Hess Logeais, 2020): (Some browser doesn’t open the link.)

Self Exploration

“The Way of the Psychonaut” (Susan Hess Logeais, 2020): (Some browser doesn’t open the link)


Film about the Mazatecan Shaman Maria Sabrina, who had worked with Magic Mushrooms:

Documentary about Gordon Wasson, magic mushrooms, ancient culture: The Mushroom Man (1996)

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