• Lidia Maidan
    Lidia Maidan

    Transpersonal and Perinatal Psychologist, Holotropic Breathwork Assistant, Educator,
    Specialist in Early Childhood Development, leading Psychological Trainings for pregnant
    women, psychological counseling of parents on early childhood development.
    Board Member of Association of Transpersonal Development in Moldova, Executive
    Director of the East-West Transpersonal Training School.
    Passed the certification program “Introduction to Process-Oriented Psychology” under the
    guidance of Lyudmila Serbina (Moscow). Studied integrative psychotechnologies, art
    therapy, body-oriented therapy, psychodrama.
    Graduated from the State Pedagogical University, Department of Psychology and Special
    Psychopedagogy (Chisinau), professional retraining at the Institute of Integrative
    Psychology for Professional Development (Yaroslavl), specialization at the Moscow
    Institute of Gestalt and Psychodrama (Moscow).
    Coordinator during the Congress of European Transpersonal Association in Moldova
    EUROTAS 2013.



Oct 20 2022


19:00 - 21:00



4 Module, Stage I – Lidia Maidan

Perinatal Experience and its impact on personality developmen, Part II







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