Lydia Maidan


Lydia Maidan
  • Transpersonal and Perinatal Psychologist, Holotropic Breathwork Assistant, Educator,
  • Specialist in Early Childhood Development, leading Psychological Trainings for pregnant
    women, psychological counseling of parents on early childhood development.
  • Board Member of Association of Transpersonal Development in Moldova, Executive
  • Director of the East-West Transpersonal Training School.
  • Passed the certification program “Introduction to Process-Oriented Psychology” under the
    guidance of Lyudmila Serbina (Moscow). Studied integrative psychotechnologies, art
    therapy, body-oriented therapy, psychodrama.
  • Graduated from the State Pedagogical University, Department of Psychology and Special
  • Psychopedagogy (Chisinau), professional retraining at the Institute of Integrative
  • Psychology for Professional Development (Yaroslavl), specialization at the Moscow
    Institute of Gestalt and Psychodrama (Moscow).
  • Coordinator during the Congress of European Transpersonal Association in Moldova
    EUROTAS 2013.