Nicolas Cambas

Scene and experimental artist – Ecuador and worldwide

Born in Argentina, he is a clown and clown teacher who´s been developing his own particular style in performance, scene direction and pedagogy for more than 16 years. His nomadic lifestyle brought him to drop college at the age of 21, and go in depth with the magical world of Andean-Amazonean Shamanism exploring rituals, musical roots and cosmovisions with multiple tribes while clowning with them. He has participated in humanitarian projects in war context and social emergencies with native nations in Colombia with ACNUR among others and was part of Clowns Without Borders in Palestine.
As an artist and teacher he’s been invited to participate in festivals, gatherings and projects in Latin America and Europe: Argentina, Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, Austria, Germany, France, Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Finland, England, Switzerland, Romania, Israel, Belgium and Russia. With his pedagogical research he taught in universities, theatres, schools of art, spirituality and transpersonal psychology.
He studied with contemporary teachers and shamans of different traditions, like Marcelo Savignone, Cristina Marti, Gustavo Lecce, Juan Monsalve, Victor Stivelman, Taita Querubin (chief of Cofan nation).In the scenic art he trained Clown, Lecoq Technique, Masks, Commedy, Improvisation, anthropological theatre and got a diploma in Scene Direction in the Universidad del Valle, Colombia. He also explored body techniques and languages like circus, contemporary dance, tantra, soundpainting, capoeira, yoga, fencing. He specialized in contact improvisation which is now one of the bases of his investigation and training.He has created and directed performances for street and theater spaces throughout the last 15 years, also developing two monologues for his own: “Cantos Cuentados” and “Carloncho!” In the moment he is part of Compañia Wunderbar (
In his performances and classes he offers a powerful combination that has points of contact between structure and improvisation, game and collective unconscious, laughing and healing, shamanism and paradigm change. He is actually based in Ecuador, where he is the Art&Shamanism teacher at Durga’s Tiger School ( He tours Europe every year with his workshops and has released in 2018 the nomadic school project CAMINOCREATIVO, connecting art, shamanism and transpersonal psichology through the trickster archetype.