Rainer Pervöltz

Therapist, Supervisor, Teacher

I grew up in Berlin, Germany. After finishing my studies in German and French language and literature I went on an invitation to California, USA. There, I spent the next years and found my real profession. I met several teachers from whom I learned forms of Gestalt – and

My main trainings were with Jack Lee Rosenberg and Eric Marcus in Los Angeles, later with Gerda Boyesen in London. For several years I worked as trainer for the
Biodynamic Institute in the 1980ies and 90ies and, in 1983, was co-founder of the Chiron Centre in London.

My important spiritual teacher was Andrew DaPassano. I had Taoist Energy Training with Mantak Chia, Dream Body Training with Arnold Mindell, and learned Psychic Healing with Jaya Herbst.
My attention is on the development of the transpersonal therapeutic work based on Gestalt Therapy and biodynamic principles, with main focus on the body and its energetic systems.

I work as therapist, supervisor, and teacher in Germany and other European countries. I am co-director of the International Institut for Consciousness-Exploration and Psychotherapy in Freiburg (IIBP).

I am certified and registred with
• UKCP (UK Counsil for Psychotherapy)
• The European Certificate of Psychotherapy (EAP)
• Certificate of Accreditation (EABP European Association for Body-Psychotherapy)
• The European Certificate of Transpersonal Psychotherapy (EUROTAS)