Anja Schuhmann

Australia/ Germany

Anja Schuhmann is a specialist in Transpersonal Counseling, Breathwork in the Theory of Stan Grof, Voice Dialogue, Integration of Psychedelic Experiences and Non Ordinary States of Consciousness, Soul Embodyment, Evolutionary & Archetypal Astrology, Ancient Wisdom of the Gene Keys & Human Design.

She holds a certificate in Transpersonal Emotional Release Counseling for children and adolescents.

She facilitates Transpersonal Breathwork journeys in the theory of Stan Grof and other modalities like Sandplay and Symbol Work, Voice Dialogue, Dreamwork, Meditation, Art and Mandala Drawing and Body Focus Process Work. She also works in the field of integration of psychedelic experiences and non ordinary states of consciousness, soul embodyment, and ancient wisdom of the gene keys & human design.

Anja is combining her knowledge with the wisdom of evoulutionary & archetypal astrology to help transform the soul‘s desire for evolution.

Anja lives in the beautiful surroundings of the Northern Rivers region Byron Bay, Australia and in Germany.

She provides counseling service from her private practice in Tyagarah as well as the in Light Centre for Transformation in Brisbane and Berlin/Germany.