Dennis Johnson

Lecturer at the Mindfulness Academy Vienna

  • Lecturer at the Mindfulness Academy Vienna,
  • Instructor for mindfulness- and compassion-based course formats,
  • Sociotherapeutic attendant at Windhorse Integral Mental Health Vienna,
  • Master’s degree in Tibetan and Buddhist Studies from Vienna University,
  • Propaedeutic Psychotherapy Training at the Vienna University Postgraduate Center,
  • Advanced Training in Transpersonal Psychology and Holotropic Breathwork as well as Contemplative Psychology and Psychosocial Interventions.
  • Former board member of the European Transpersonal Association,
  • Former member of the Consciousness Studies Academy Vienna,
  • Former librarian at the South Asian Studies Library at Vienna University,
  • Former clinical research assistant at the Oxford Mindfulness Centre.

Dennis Johnson has an academic background in Tibetan and Buddhist Studies and has worked as a librarian, translator, editor and interpreter. He has also pursued additional training in various mindfulness-based, psychosocial and psychotherapeutic interventions. His main interest lies in forms of transdisciplinary and transcultural research and practice, and their potential to provide a new paradigm for individual, social and cultural transformation based on traditional knowledge as well as modern science.