Liudmila Serbina

Ph. D Psychotherapist of the EAP – Russia

  • Psychotherapist of the Unified European Register (EAP),
  • Member of the European Association of Psychotherapists,
  • International Diploma and Certificate in Process Work (Process Work Center of Portland USA),
  • Member of IAPOP (International Association of Process Oriented Psychology)
  • Head of modality Process-oriented psychology and psychotherapy at PPL (Russia)
  • International teacher and supervisor of PPL, Full member of PPL (Russia)
  • Scientific director of the training program of the Institute of Integrative Psychology and Psychotherapy.
  • Professional work experience since 1995.

Individual client work, conducting psychotherapeutic groups, author’s seminars and training programs in Russia and the CIS countries. Participant and organizer of various international professional conferences in Russia and abroad.

“I am a practicing psychotherapist and teacher using the process-oriented approach. I have been studying this method since 1999, directly at the seminars of Arnold and Amy Mindell, and his followers, from around the world.

I have two higher educations, one technical, and the second psychological, which allows me to see and analyze processes from two opposite sides. I also studied invariant modeling that allows you to build system models and conduct interdisciplinary analysis of complex objects, processes and phenomena, regardless of their physical nature.

While studying the history of religions, I became acquainted with psychosomatic aspects of religious experience, methods and approaches that have been used for centuries in various spiritual and religious schools. Comprehension of this cultural-psychological phenomenon from a scientific point of view, in the aspect of psychotherapeutic opportunities for somatic and mental disorders, both individual and collective religious experience.

I studied traditional Tibetan astrology and medicine.

I see psychotherapy as a joint creative and interesting work of a psychotherapist and a client.

In my opinion, a person can achieve mastery in the chosen profession if two conditions are met – if he is constantly learning and teaching others.

One of my tasks is the development of Process-Oriented Psychology and Psychotherapy, in the form of conducting training programs, interviewing and supervisory groups and demonstration master classes at various conferences, writing scientific and popular scientific articles.

For many years I have been conducting training programs and therapeutic groups in different cities of Russia and the CIS countries. ”