Lyudmila Skartsesku

Head Ost
MA.Transpersonal psychotherapist of the EUROTAS – Moldova

  • Certified transpersonal psychotherapist,
  • President of the Association of Transpersonal Development in Moldova,
  • Holotropic Breathwork Leader in Moldova,
  • specialist in intense integrative psychotherapeutic methods,
  • teaches Introduction to Process Oriented Therapy, leading author’s programs in Transpersonal Psychology.
  • Board member of EUROTAS and the Certification and Accreditation Committee of the European Transpersonal Association and coordinator of the Ethics Committee.

She graduated the Institute of Psychoanalysis and Social Management in Moscow, , the National School of Political and Administrative Studies in Bucharest, the Institute of Psychoanalysis and Social Management in Moscow, Faculty of Russian Philology in USSR.

Participated in scientific research on psychoacoustic correction of the brain. participates in social programs and conducts training programs in Moldova, Romania, Latvia.

Explores shamanic states of consciousness, spiritual crisis and the correction of functional states of the brain using sound technologies, ancient methods of healing and the influence of quantum processes on individual and collective consciousness